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Echoflections™of OM 

What is Enlightenment, Self Realization and Liberation?
Method of Reflection

We all are the Echo and Reflections of OM

A path to Inner Tranquility

Echoflections of OM

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* A course of Untangling your Mind & Emotions           *   Path towards Moksha/Liberation through 4th Dimensional Body Consciousness

* Inner Tranquility through the purification of Mind     *   Attain Emotional Equilibrium

* Dissolve Karmic knots & issues                                 *   Practice Mindfulness and attain Bliss body

* Understand & Learn life lessons                                *   Inner well-being and Self Realization

Echoflections* of Om

Unified Whole Truth

Unified Whole

Answers needed on Spiritual Path

Prakriti's Spiritual Journey!

The truth is Undivided, Unified Whole and it is reflected through Impermanence!

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